Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Money Shot

Hi Everyone!

First let me wish everyone a VERY Happy Valentine's Day!!

Mommy and Daddy sent in the picture above to Live with Regis and Kelly's Beautiful Baby Contest. Mommy said that I would probably be disqualified because I blow all the other kids away as far as cuteness and beautifulness. (With the obvious exception of Cailyn who didn't get the chance to send her pic in. There definitely would have been a tie if she did.)

So be sure to watch Regis and Kelly next week to see if my picture will be on TV.

Until next time:
Lots of Love


Sophia and Craig said...

Hello Max!

You most certainly will win the contest! We are so confidant they will be the next Most Beautiful Baby.

Can't wait to see you this weekend. All our love,

Thea Sophia and Uncle Craigory!

Feecha :) said...

Max, you totally win Auntie Feecha's Beautiful Baby contest, which is far more competitive than Regis and Kelly's. Congratulations! Your prize money is in the mail...